Holistic Health Therapy


Celebrate the total You!

Imagine how it would feel to be completely at ease with yourself,

riding life’s waves…

Holistic healing with Petra Heuveling helps to restore the flow of energy in the aura en chakra’s through a wide range of healing modalities such as sound-, colour-, or metaltherapy, meridianwork, Emdr, Holistic Hypnosis, EFT and much more, with comforting essential oils, flower remedies, crystals etc. On the physical level restoration of nutrients is addressed so the body can function at it’s best.

Petra Heuveling of Pharmacie de la Vie is a skilled practitioner of various techniques and a careful listener with a gentle personality. With over 19 years of experience Petra is always on the quest to spread the light and to understand and heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges, she commits to guide and support you to the best version of you.

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